Blogging On Our Way To Poland

Here is where the group will post while they are on the pilgrimage in July! Keep an eye on here to see what they are up to!

The countdown is on!!!


Day 21!! Aug 2, 2016

Warsaw, it was a short but sweet visit. Tomorrow we are off to Canada!


The train to Warsaw — at Hotel Gromada Airport.



The girl with a rose.




Oh look, a Ferris wheel


Warsaw! — with Iryna Lazar, Maria Olenick andSofia Larmour at Hotel Gromada Airport.


Lots of love — with Maria Olenick, Daniel McCoshen, Iryna Lazar, Julian Savaryn, Sofia Larmour, Ivan Simko and Aaron Houghton at Hotel Gromada Airport.



Goodbye Warsaw! — with Maria Olenick, Daniel McCoshen, Iryna Lazar, Julian Savaryn, Sofia Larmour, Ivan Simko and Aaron Houghton at Hotel Gromada Airport.

Day 20!! Aug 1, 2016

No longer a big group as we had to say goodbye to our Chaldean friends as well as Mykhailo, Olesia, Bishop Bryan and Fr.Taras. It isn’t quite the same without you all. Sending our love to all our family and friends! We will be united soon.


Then there were 24. We had 15 eat at the Pino restaurant. — with Taras Kchik, Luba Michno, Zenia Michno, Sofia Larmour, Lesia Anastasia, Daniel McCoshen, Ivan Simko, Aaron Houghton, Maria Olenick, Iryna Lazar, Riane Kandia, Julian Savaryn,Dayna Konopelny and Stephaan Salahub.


Our hotel for the night


Kraków and one of its many castles

Last night together before everyone makes their way back home. We had a wonderful supper with some beautiful toasts. I wish everyone safe travels and many blessings for the future.


with Taras Kchik, Aaron Houghton, Reem Matlak, Maria Olenick, Stephaan Salahub, Marta Aziz, Zenia Michno, Dayna Konopelny, Luba Michno, Julian Savaryn, Iryna Lazar, Erin Dziwenko, Lesia Anastasia, Mykhailo Misha Ozorovych, Riane Kandia, Alix Zello, Sofia Larmour, Daniel McCoshen, Maggie Aziz, Chrystia Sa, Solomiyka Salamaszek, Larissa Samborsky, Beth Mayko andBishop Bryan Bayda at Hotel Perła.


Day 19!! July 31, 2016

Alix ZelloAs WYD comes to a close I would just like to say what an amazing experience I had and with so many great people. Coming together with other youth who are are proud to be catholic and are looking to strengthing their faith is such a beautiful sight to see. Can’t wait for Panama 2019!!!‪#‎proudtobeukrainian‬ ‪#‎proudtobecanadian‬ ‪#‎catholicsrock‬

Sarah’s photos:


Morning mass


We have plenty of water!


With James Whyte.


The next ‪#‎WYD‬! See you there!

Bishop Bryan’s Photos:


Fully vested, umbrellas were a must.


Shaded in the trees.


Where the Holy Father will be seated.


WYD cross


View from the pulpit.


Bishop Albert Thevenot, Archbishop Albert LeGatt and I near the altar.


A meeting we had in Kraków in October 2014 with Cardinal Dziwisz led to Fr Gregory Nazar (Ukr Cath priest serving near Kraków and on my committee) to be appointed to the main WYD organizing committee. One official language of the vent was Ukrainian. Participation in the services with a Ukr Cath deacon resulted. Even more noteworthy, Uliana, one of our Ukrainian volunteers, was among the youth who had lunch with the pope. Tnx Fr Gregory.


5 of the 16 bishops from Ukraine that attended.

13669659_10206873818351490_7173843767367840995_n 13895387_10206873818631497_313483142359606558_n

Main altar and pulpit.


WYD cross and icon of Salus Popoli Romani. She is always with the cross.

13680777_10206873801031057_7984898224855325763_n 13900242_10206873801351065_3931847108782284150_n

First time world youth day prepared vestments for Eastern churches. Priests and bishops.


Praise the Lord! #WYD

Photos from the World Youth Day page:

How beautiful it is to be united in Christ ‪#‎Krakow2016‬‪#‎CampusMisericordiae‬ ‪#‎WYD‬




13668700_10154044249841284_4414803143560906670_o 13653376_10154044249241284_7196687371664648109_o13882436_10154044237051284_3627696483252756999_n13735667_10154044249196284_1484687369717457741_o

13908844_10154044249386284_2228306184719453697_o13882494_10154044250416284_6695839656076216540_n  13909222_10154044249161284_4111066847333370561_o



13669148_10154044180426284_8013281985848521427_n 13891933_10154044180086284_6027198775936221039_n



Day 18!!! July 30, 2016

Sarah: Saturday morning with the Ukrainian Catholics. I’ve never seen so many Bishops at once! Saturday night vigil was so peaceful and calm. By far my favourite talk by Pope Francis. Made the long trek back to the hotel by walking and taking the tram.


Hot, tired and sore. What a Pilgrimage! — with Alix Zello and Aaron Houghton.


Stopping for a photo opportunity — with Daniel McCoshen.


Another photo opp — with Daniel McCoshen andAlix Zello.


Our final destination!


Liturgy with the Ukrainians and many Bishops — with Bishop Bryan Bayda.


Patriarch Sviatoslav


Bishop Bryan is glowing — with Bishop Bryan Bayda.


Cute little boy up front with the Patriarch


The long food line up and they ran out until 8pm. :(


Camping out with millions of people.


Candle light is the best light

Photos from the World Youth Day page:

Pope Francis blesses the pilgrims and stands in front of the image of Our Lady in reverence ‪#‎CampusMisericordiae‬ ‪#‎WYDVigil‬‪#‎Krakow2016‬



Our CUCP WYD 2016 group is out there somewhere in this amazing crowd of young Catholics!!







13895593_10154042973521284_3999655096383029037_n 13901371_10154042971981284_7811931074013948601_n13680599_10154042332711284_6930150674487252866_n13686723_10154042235716284_3415626215074711921_n

To give you some perspective on the amount of people!13895508_10154042332696284_7899732629054365783_n13886959_10154042367846284_8661321522206040656_n   13903289_10154042332706284_3777647032605476527_n  13906593_10154042367771284_8101894831430717006_n13669072_10154042235131284_6117307445215240217_n


(I’m sure they will have some amazing photos to share with us tomorrow once they have Wifi and a bit of time to share!)

Day 17!! July 29, 2016

Guess who showed up on our last day of Catechesis today? Patriarch Sviatoslav! One of the Ukrainian catholic Metropolitans of Poland also made an appearance. The evening we had stations of the cross with the Pope. Looking forward to seeing the population equivalent of Saskatchewan gather from around the world at Campus Misericordiae tomorrow.

13895411_10154170196530339_8107023660272485742_n13669623_10154170221675339_5719876345643640666_n 13669841_10154170196525339_3020198885068345371_n

13680925_10154170221680339_2765841341300224661_n 13686492_10154170197450339_5654982600375469595_n

Met up with the Ukrainians and Waiting in line to get into the church at the castle

Day 16!! July 28, 2016

Day 2 of Catechesis was even better than the first. It was very well attended! The opening gathering for Pope Francis was amazing. Last day of Catechesis tomorrow.



Mykhailo and his brother Roman — with Mykhailo Misha Ozorovych.


Catechesis, eye challenge

13782001_10154168117425339_1454314086264890093_n  13876637_10154168117430339_6246335730943238548_n 13882491_10154168116805339_5388218512078625680_n

13522032_10154168117600339_1462751229739667638_n 13891983_10154168117595339_6215887279902802304_n

Walk to the tram — with Larissa Samborsky andMillie Schietzsch.



Bishop Bryan Bayda was able to get a descent pic of the Holy Father yesterday after a wonder welcome ceremony.


Pope Francis on the stage in Blonia Park — at Błonia.


Thousands of young people gathered in Blonia Park to welcome Pope Francis — at Błonia.


Pope Francis arriving in Blonia Park — at Błonia.


The World Youth Day icons on the stage in Blonia Park — at Błonia.


There is a Canadian flag in middle of this group of people…wonder if it’s our CUCP group???


Catechism starts small and grows by the end of the talks. Theme: Allow Jesus to touch you with his Mercy. At the Ukrainian parish of the Exaltation of the Cross.

Many joined for a final pic of the morning. Now off to welcome the holy Father at Błonia Park.


Joined by clergy serving in English in the Philippines, in China and Bishop Sebastian Shaw from Pakistan.



His humble way. The pope arriving on a tram to Błonia Park.

Day 15!! July 27, 2016

1st day of Catechesis took place this morning Bishop Bryan. The pope came in at 4pm today and gave his address later after supper in the main square. I was about 100 meters from Pope Francis as I saw his pope mobile drive to his residence. Had compline on the bus with a few Brits. Can’t believe how fast the last week of WYD is going by.

13631537_10154165929755339_2925752802504336536_n  13654255_10154165930370339_3059311957641411412_n 13659143_10154165929760339_6620797844510745048_n 13782234_10154165930535339_2090022338910731636_n13882155_10154165930365339_5331697657107895367_n 13879289_10154165930715339_9200809593630848887_n13654182_10154165930565339_6338859039587371912_n


Fr General Michael Brehl, CSsR Bishop Bayda, Fr Taras and Stephaan Salahub at Redemptorist gathering in Kraków WYD2016


The day we discovered the world loves Canada 🌎♥️ ‪#‎wyd2016‬


Praying with the Pope. #Krakow #StareMiasto#WYD2016 — with, Marianna LozaLida Samborsky and Larissa Samborsky in Kraków, Poland.


Enjoying a coffee and cake at Pieczywo Buczek, Kraków Poland.

Day 14!! July 26, 2016

We had a spiritual experience today with the opening of World Youth Day and we were truly blessed by the rain stopping right before we celebrated our opening mass.

Gives the atmosphere of the WYD 2016 Opening Mass!!

What 1.5 million people gathering from around the world looks like. Such an incredible experience! ‪#‎wyd2016‬ 


Taking the tram to the Canadian gathering — withStephaan Salahub and Maria Olenick.



Tauron Arena



Matt Maher

13654200_10154163423820339_8608878372104338357_n 13754603_10154163423810339_1090550919989364445_n

With Bishop Bryan Bayda.

13654118_10154163423985339_5399353880298536582_n 13754346_10154163423960339_9155321843828476217_n

With Aaron Houghton.


Ivan and Aaron caught in the group of singing Italians — with Ivan Simko and Aaron Houghton.

13669682_10206839705618693_4708776179571488492_n 13680741_10206839705578692_716093094574545956_n 13754345_10206839705538691_1606690507739624170_n 13782090_10206839705498690_3228617255033117528_n 13782262_10206839705458689_2714959902571757150_n

Here’s a link to watch the opening Mass:


Opening mass with Cardinal Dziwiz


Day 13!! July 25, 2016

Today was a great start to the World Youth week. St.Faustina’s shrine of divine mercy was a wonderful site to see first thing in the morning. We found where our Catechesis would be which is right by the centre square of Kraków. Tomorrow is the main gathering of Canadians in Tauron Arena!


We are Canadian! — with Larissa Samborsky, Erin Dziwenko, Chrystia Sa, Millie Schietzsch, Solomiyka Salamaszek, Aaron Houghton, Dayna Konopelny,Reem Matlak, Iryna Lazar, Julian Savaryn,Mykhailo Misha Ozorovych, Daniel McCoshen, Alix Zello, Sofia Larmour, Zenia Michno, Stephaan Salahub, Luba Michno, Riane Kandia, Maria Olenick, Marta Aziz, Taras Kchik, Ivan Simko andMaggie Aziz.



Catechesis site


St.Faustina’s room.

13626459_10154161328020339_3491898993025435986_n   13658978_10154161328305339_9181923575656025548_n


Taking the tram


Divine Mercy


Praying the chaplet of divine mercy


Pope John Paul II chapel.



Different meals provided and Food vouchers


Standing in front of yet another statue of Pope John Paul II — with Millie Schietzsch, Chrystia Sa,Larissa Samborsky, Solomiyka Salamaszek, Daniel McCoshen, Aaron Houghton, Maria Olenick, Taras Kchik, Marta Aziz, Stephaan Salahub, Erin Dziwenko, Reem Matlak, Maggie Aziz, Mykhailo Misha Ozorovych, Iryna Lazar, Julian Savaryn,Luba Michno, Ivan Simko, Beth Mayko, Zenia Michno, Riane Kandia, Sofia Larmour, Dayna Konopelny and Alix Zello.


Night scene in the city square of Kraków



Day 11 & 12!! July 23 & 24, 2016

You’ve probably been wondering what has been happening for the past few days in Poland for my lovely group of WYD pilgrims. Friday we visited the Wieliczka Salt Mines. Saturday and Sunday was the Lemko Vatra festival where we camped out near Gorlice at the children’s camp. Now we’re in Kraków and have already pre-registered!

(They were in the mountains, so no internet connection…and no posting for the last 2 days.  But they have caught us up now!)


near Uscie Gorlickie, Poland



With Millie Schietzsch and Daniel McCoshen.


Meat vendors.


13770471_10154158325480339_1511910798542994143_n 13781969_10154158326025339_5915602982991567509_n

With Millie Schietzsch and Erin Dziwenko.


Lemko Vatra at night.


Our world youth day bags!


Ukie fest in Poland


Because we’ll never forget the time we thought we were going to a hotel but ended up in the Carpathians for two nights — in Nowice, Walbrzych, Poland.

They have now  just arrived at Junior 2 in the outskirts of Kraków.

Bishop Bryan Bayda‘s updates:


Supper in Krakow: bishop and CHALDEAN pilgrims. We don’t know where the line is anymore between who is Ukrainian and who is CHALDEAN.


Lots of good music, food and dancing.


Roasting in 40 degree heat, pidriasnyk and riasnyk during opening ceremonies.


Beautiful hill country. Attending memorial festival for deported Ukrainians from gorgeous land.


Met with Bishop Volodymyr Yushak of Gdansk-Wroclaw Eparchy to the West. His roots are in these beautiful Galician mountains

Day 10! July 22, 2016

Salt mines near Uscie Gorlickie, Poland


With Erin Dziwenko, Reem Matlak, Aaron Houghton, Bishop Bryan Bayda, Stephaan Salahub,Daniel McCoshen, Maria Olenick, Sofia Larmour,Millie Schietzsch, Iryna Lazar, Maggie Aziz, Ivan Simko, Julian Savaryn, Riane Kandia, Mykhailo Misha Ozorovych, Zenia Michno, Alix Zello, Larissa Samborsky, Marta Aziz and Beth Mayko.


The last supper (carved in salt)



Salt chapel

13769463_10154158325305339_8637904847653223734_n 13775846_10154158325055339_6068056320357798717_n

PJP II carved out of salt

The stage at Blonia Park is beginning to take shape. Seeing this makes us feel so excited. They cannot wait to welcome you all here in Kraków!!


Day 9! July 21, 2016

Visited- The birth płace, Family Home and Church Where St John -Paul 11 Grew up.


Today we visited the beautiful birthplace of Pope John Paul II. After we walked where many people lost their lives in the concentration camps of Aushwitz-Birkenau. May we remember those like Maximillian Kolbe who volunteered to sacrifice his life to save another in the camp. The world is full of good people.


The museum and house of PJPII


Baptismal font of JP2


The gun that was used to shoot PJPII.

13754504_10154151502470339_6327832443280405259_n 13769511_10154151500485339_6667294914156730956_n  13770286_10154151502465339_4189361542828761808_nAuschwitz.


Not only was it the icon museum…it was also the carriage, polo, and taxidermy museum. You can tell what I enjoyed the most. Dayna in Łańcut, Poland.


Lunch in Wadowice

Day 8! July 20, 2016

Our Eparchial WYD group are in this video at the National Pilgrimage at Zarvanytsia.

There is a great shot of some of the group at Minute 2:11 with Bishop Bryan Bayda!!!           At Minute 3:08 is Bishop Bryan in a group with our Patriarch Sviatoslav and others.               Fr John Sianchuk is giving communion at Minute 6:04



This icon of the Door of Mercy was touched to the original one above and then gifted by Fr Chrystofor Blaszeyetskyy the pastor of the Church of the Transfiguration to Bishop Bryan and the pilgrims

Day 7! July 19, 2016

I am happy to say we are officially in Poland! We are being hosted by the wonderful byzylian sisters and brothers in Przemysyl. We also met some curious youngsters that Alix shared her Canadian bandanas with. She ended up receiving a polish scarf in return. Excited for the rest of the Days of the Diocese/Eparchy.



13669751_10154146619940339_1320705727003104611_n 13697084_10154146645795339_1048247471658971545_n 13731448_10207905993542684_7720096438685829180_n13707726_10154146607655339_2491345432697373326_n 13715999_10154146646770339_7931879729531853724_n 13729120_10154146647170339_4542200750447602212_n 13769401_10154146646385339_3541510218959197952_n 13770336_10154146646765339_7460698904667484393_n 13770433_10154146647105339_5092380334612599581_n 13775875_10154146647045339_984389624856753734_n

Bishop Bryan preached today about finding ourselves in community is unity. And what better way to build community then cook and eat a delicious home cooked meal. Chicken noodle soup, perogies, grilled cheese sandwiches and cucumber salad were on the menu. Yum yum! A home cooked meal eaten by candle light is such a treat!

FYI crossing the border sent very smoothly!

13815275_10154147209570339_1900692035_n 13816956_10154147209690339_892009722_n


13734701_10153854954408990_106604040_n 13734719_10153854955633990_1332912933_n  13814595_10153854951903990_1813311472_n 13815188_10153854954523990_339819650_n 13815195_10153854953273990_752562252_n  13735335_10153854956938990_846896789_n13817001_10153854956708990_1782582289_n 13817071_10153854955498990_1246190928_n 13817212_10153854953913990_1918162568_n 13819640_10153854954888990_1934816052_n 13819700_10153854954993990_190287658_n 13819828_10153854954323990_298462270_n  13820816_10153854952813990_466841410_n13820579_10153854954228990_1922188130_n13820439_10153854956993990_1623891888_n13819816_10153854956423990_1007028124_n13820845_10153854955983990_401627274_n13815212_10154146655885339_224022738_n

Day 6! July 18, 2016

The group had a great day in Yaremche and Bukovel. Supper in Ivano-Frankivsk was delicious. Goodbye Ukraine. Hello Poland!

13692475_10154144051090339_3675865469408236167_n 13697206_10154144051820339_5268983783269698076_n 13690610_10154144051200339_8496889034920327962_n13709788_10154144051270339_4194469166471098901_n13690638_10154144051685339_8462395462316884404_n13707521_10154144051430339_2393332234361628429_n  13709940_10154144051810339_3140015676321534119_n 13716058_10154144051335339_7970113358456088402_n 13716070_10154144051490339_3402858345373895389_n 13718597_10154144052095339_2578666359707884039_n 13769611_10154144051395339_8215012041515254302_n 13769624_10154144052115339_5357371349436691402_n 13770294_10154144051670339_6442623625230229547_n 13770396_10154144051170339_8789986825235941206_n 13782085_10154144051110339_1550121709394307276_n

Baggage Finally Arrived!!!! Midnight, July 17th into July 18th

Bags arrivedddddddd!!!!!!!!!!😀😍 6 days later we have been reunited with our clean clothes!! What a joyful moment.  So happy right now! Goodnight everyone. :) Sweet dreams in our pajamas!!!

13689299_10153850207453990_741772414_n 13689581_10153850207488990_725930775_n 13695150_10153850207383990_1892094448_n 13695272_10153850207333990_624375793_n 13705229_10153850207373990_1395473249_n 13705282_10153850207583990_2090549621_n 13734666_10153850207578990_64083610_n

Day 5! July 17, 2016

“Started off our day in Ivano-Frankivsk with the ordination of Vasyl Tymishak to the diaconate at he church. After we had a four course lunch in a restaurant that was actually called Canada just outside of the city. We had time to walk around an look at the shops before we had tea with the Noviciate of Josafata where the Sister Mary of Love played her violin. We met one of the sisters who we sponsored to go to World Youth Day. We also had the pleasure of attending a retreat centre outside of town with a wonderful BBQ supper prepared by one of the Ukrainian priests who is another pilgrim we sponsored to go to World Youth Day.” Sarah Buchko


Here is a photo of us posing with some Ukrainian poets in Ivanov -Frankivsk


The CUCP WYD group was at Ресторан Канада.  Restaurant “Canada” in Ukraine…who We had salad, borsch, potatoes and three different kinds of sausages. And for desert an apple strudel with a scoop of ice cream. So despite the name, the restaurant is very Ukrainian.  We had a 4 course meal there. It was fantastic. We get our luggage tonight at 12am. :) That will be in an hour and 20 min so I’ll take a photo of the group of us with our luggage!!!!

13781941_10154141338160339_3870822824374429740_n13645224_10157100795025290_7944443033337335462_n 13669800_10154141338290339_7354630609625452633_n 13707534_10154141338805339_5071322908916088335_n  13770422_10154141338435339_2941269610934349145_n13769550_10154141347440339_355455724371480741_n 13781745_10154141339185339_8717420948061347818_n 13718644_10154141337990339_7989030873098094573_n

13697136_10154141343275339_5273726801052150755_n 13709938_10154141343710339_1960898857166395775_n 13776042_10154141343610339_3729245165820161955_n 13754674_10154141343380339_488860173219010940_n

Дорогі друзі! Хочемо запросити Вас до нас вгості в неділю 17 липня на 9.00 годину на літургію. Її очолить Владика Bishop Bryan Bayda єпископ УГКЦ в Канаді. В часі літургії відбудуться дияконські свячення. Цього Владики у нас ще не було… Він буде у супроводі канадійсько-української молоді, яка їде Кракова на Всесвітній День Молоді. Тому будемо раді бачити і Вас на спільній молитві… Не можна нехтувати запрошенням… Чекаємо на Вас😉😉😉 Приходьте на 8.45… Лягайте спати трошки швидше😉😉😉  Josafat Boyko


13726587_10154141343095339_3539375696248742044_n  13775837_10154141342945339_5450177968804510102_n 13718819_10154141388445339_8240392703240493206_n

Day 4! July 16, 2016

Made it safely to the Nadiya Hotel in Ivano-Frankivsk after visiting the Univ Holy Dormition Lavra of the Studite Rite and Zarvanytsia.

13709897_10154139331550339_8125585294743023597_n 13718548_10154139331510339_1370216573556961_n 13718691_10154139331605339_519490497826166151_n 13769402_10154139331800339_502055517428119089_n 13770259_10154139331760339_1774307419803231237_n 13775424_10154139331705339_3175861260912328621_n

Zarvanytsia was so amazing. Thousands of pilgrims walked to this site. The walk back was so luminous with all the candles and singing in the dark.

13734644_10153848218708990_987580435_n 13734695_10153848218403990_160081772_n 13735181_10153848218343990_102186716_n

Miraculous Icon of Our Lady of Zarvanytsia — at Zarvanytsia, Zolochiv Raion.


Praying before the miraculous icon of the Mother of God in Zarvanytsia for he Eparchy of Saskatoon 2016-07-16


Day 3! July 15, 2016

Last day in Lviv. We visited St.George’s Cathedral this morning where we found Andrey Sheptytsky’s tomb. We stopped at Lychakiv Cemeter as well as Shevchenko Hai Ethno Park. We finished the day with “Swan Lake” by the Lviv ballet at the Opera House.

13621000_10154136103230339_1909008302327540969_n 13680931_10154136103130339_5621609310194030982_n 13686525_10154136103430339_5911219879801071097_n 13697205_10154136103435339_724419635968231950_n

They even found a car on a roof!

13690828_10154136103115339_4926932025035328920_n 13692639_10154136103055339_3977667516589527800_n 13697146_10154136103730339_3005748553701868958_n  13707582_10154136103040339_6138845405890892117_n 13709814_10154136106100339_2318625816755832329_n 13726800_10154136104395339_172848120616675329_n

Only in Lviv, can you go to the Opera House to see Swan Lake the ballet, for under $4.00!

13709759_10209760687995024_4398251602837486249_n13726812_10154136103725339_636801720502819829_n 13729083_10154136103320339_5286010286282485659_n

Some people went shopping this afternoon. Sarah went to an awesome restaurant and had deep fried perogies and chicken sausage!


I am enjoying fresh carrots from the garden in Саджава (Sadzhava) near Ivano Frankivsk where I visited the family of Vasyl Tymishak. I will ordain him Sunday to the diaconate. We are off to Poland Tuesday.

Day 2! July 14, 2016

The group was able to do some site seeing in Lviv today despite one or two of them coming down with the flu. The fun doesn’t stop and neither does the rain.

IMG_4168 IMG_4167 IMG_4166

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The 2nd group finally made it to Lviv!  What a beautiful sky!

Unfortunately the group’s luggage is spending a little more time in the air.

Made it to Lviv

DAY 1! July 13, 2016

Off to a bumpy start for some of the group….part of the group missed their flight to Lviv. They went to Istanbul then to Lviv.  They have been travelling 25 hours (35 hrs before they arrive in Lviv!) without much sleep! “The journey is not quite over for us but we made the best of the extra time spent in Vienna.” (Sarah)  The other group went to Vienna on their 5 hr layover. Prayers for the whole group!

At Vienna International Centre.

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IMG_4154 IMG_4155 IMG_4156 IMG_4157 IMG_4158 IMG_4159 IMG_4161 IMG_4162 IMG_4163 IMG_4164

Let the adventure commence! Ukraine/Poland here I come! I can’t wait to meet new people, develop new friendships, strengthen existing friendships and growing in my faith. See everyone in a month :) до побачення! Do widzenia! ‪#‎worldyouthday‬ ‪#‎cantbelievethetimehascome‬


I get to travel with all of these lovely people this summer to World Youth Day in Poland! — with Reem Matlak, Maggie Aziz, Maria Olenick,Jonathan Hrynchyshyn, Aaron Houghton, Ivan Simko, Stephaan Salahub and Daniel McCoshen.

And off they went this morning… Prayers to our young SK pilgrims!
Marlene, Aaron, Bishop Bryan, Ivan, Alix, Sarah, Chris.

June 3-5th: Another great weekend with the pilgrims in preparation for World Youth Day and spending some time together at Camp Oselia.

            sarah,dan,alix       Sask.Group

Pilgrim Hike!Hiking

railroadfun    dan&alix

Leader Meeting.                                                             Preparing for supper.


May 14, 2016: Having a great weekend at Crystal Lake with the World Youth Day Pilgrims13244839_10153988208540339_8061580472833005363_n 13241233_10153988208545339_3927891176653699731_n

Such a great group photo of the Winnipeg and Sask. pilgrims that are going to World Youth Day. More good times to come!