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What is CUCP?

For the five WYD’s (Toronto, Cologne, Sydney, Madrid and Rio), Ukrainian Catholics from Canada have come together in various ways to experience WYD. While being fully Catholic, Ukrainian Catholics have a unique way of defining, living and celebrating their relationship with God. Young adults and leaders in young adult ministry for Ukrainian Catholics in Canada have always felt that pilgrimaging as a group of Canadian Ukrainian Catholics enhances the experience and benefits for the pilgrims, WYD, and the Church as a whole. In that spirit, a team has been assembled and is organizing efforts for Canadian Ukrainian Catholics to experience WYD16 together with Ukrainian Catholics from around the world in Poland.

What Is World Youth Day (WYD)?

In 1984, the International Jubilee for the Young was celebrated by John Paul II in St. Peter’s Square. At this gathering the Holy Father entrusted youth with what is now known as the World Youth Day (WYD) Cross – one of the most important symbols of WYD.

The UN declared 1985 the first “International Youth Year”. To celebrate, the Holy Father welcomed youth from all over the world in Rome on Palm Sunday. In December of the same year he announced the institution of World Youth Day. World Youth Day is celebrated at a local level on Palm Sunday every year.

However, every two or three years, it is celebrated at a week long event internationally where thousands, even millions, of young adults from across the world gather for a celebration of faith.

The World Youth Day Cross travels around the host country in the years preceding the International gathering. The cross does not journey alone, however. The WYD Cross is accompanied by an icon of the Mother of God, just as Christ was accompanied by His Mother.

When the WYD Cross was passed to German youth in 2003, Pope John Paul II entrusted an icon of the Mother of God to accompany the cross. He said, “It will be a sign of Mary’s motherly presence close to the young people who are called, like the Apostle John, to welcome her into their lives.

For each WYD, the Holy Father also names a theme that will permeate the celebrations. There are also a number of Saints that are chosen to be patrons. A logo and theme song are also created based on the theme.

What about WYD2016?

WYD 2016 will be held in Krakow, Poland. The theme for 2016 is, “Blessed are the Merciful for they will be shown mercy” from the gospel of Matthew (5:7). There are also a number of Saints that are chosen to be patrons. The theme and patron Saints can be very useful to help pilgrims prepare for the celebrations and catechesis that happens during the World Youth Day. More detailed information about theme can be found on the WYD Krakow website (www.krakow2016.com)

It is highly recommended that pilgrims go to the website and become very familiar with the information that it contains. It will help with spiritual and practical preparations for the pilgrimage. It also offers venues to ask questions of the organizers and for help with specific needs.

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