Preparation & Formation     questions

Q. What is World Youth Day?

WYD is an opportunity for young people (18 – 35) from throughout the world to make a pilgrimage in faith, meet one another, and experience hospitality and the love of God. It is an opportunity to rediscover their baptismal calling and the centrality of the Holy Mysteries of the Eucharist and Reconciliation, and so discover a new apostolic zeal to witness more fully the Gospel in the modern world.

Q. Where is World Youth Day 2016 being held?

WYD16 will be held in Krakow, Poland. Pope Francis has invited youth from around the world to pilgrimage to Krakow and join the church in celebration, “You, dear young people, are the hope of the Church! She hopes that you will make yourselves messengers of hope, as happened in Australia for the World Youth Day, great manifestation of youthful faith, which I was able to live personally and in which some of you took part. Many you can come to Krakow in July of 2016. I invite you now to this great reunion of young people with Christ in the Church”. The city of Krakow is located on the Poland which is in the south of the county. Krakow is one of Poland’s most popular destinations other than Warsaw. It includes a large quantity of cultural attractions, including its many museums, operas and theatres. In terms of sports, Krakow has hosted the 2014 FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship. Krakow is bidding for the 2022 Winter Olympics. Therefore, Krakow is capable of holding millions of WYD pilgrims from all over the world.

Q.  What is the Canadian Ukrainian Catholic Pilgrims?

For the past five WYD’s (Toronto, Cologne, Sydney, Madrid and Rio), Ukrainian Catholics from Canada have joined together in various ways to experience WYD.  While being fully Catholic, Ukrainian Catholics have a unique way of defining, living and celebrating their relationship with God. Leaders in young adult ministry for Ukrainian Catholics in Canada have always felt that pilgrimaging as a group of Canadian Ukrainian Catholics brings about benefits for the pilgrims, WYD, and the Church as a whole.  In that spirit, a Planning Team has been assembled and is organizing efforts for Canadian Ukrainian Catholics to experience WYD16 together. Tentatively, the group will be about 60 in number.

Q. Will we be participating in Days in the Dioceses?

Yes. Days in the Dioceses is a period leading up to World Youth Day where pilgrims have the option of being hosted by a Polish diocese. Pilgrims of past WYD’s have overwhelmingly indicated that Days were the highlight of their WYD pilgrimage! Our group will participate in Days in the Diocese in Przemysl and will be hosted by the Ukrainian Catholic Church of Przemysyl. The Chaldean Church from Saskatoon will be joining us in Przemysyl for the rest of the pilgrimage.

Q.  Will there be anything at WYD for the Eastern Catholic Churches (specifically Ukrainian Catholic) or will everything be Roman Catholic?

For the first leg of the pilgrimage, we will be together as a Ukrainian Catholic group. There will be liturgies and catechesis according to the Ukrainian Byzantine tradition.  In Krakow, we will be hosted by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese but we will continue to celebrate Liturgy and have catechesis for Ukrainian Catholics.  During WYD, all pilgrims will attend catechesis sessions in the morning. The CUCP will have the option of attending Ukrainian Catholic catechesis sessions in English  of in Ukrainian, which conclude with a Divine Liturgy.  During the youth festival in the afternoons, there will be opportunities to experience so many different events that will include numerous cultures.

Q. What is the age range for this pilgrimage?

The World Youth Day office has designated the pilgrim age range as 18-35.  Because WYD programming and events have been created for young adults (18 plus) to meet their unique developmental and spiritual needs, it is suggested that the event really is for those who are 18+.  Because WYD, Days in the Diocese and the Canadian Ukrainian Catholic Pilgrims (CUCP) will explore mature catechetical themes and due to the logistics of international travel, pilgrims on the CUCP must be 18 before July 12th, 2016. WYD is a pilgrimage and is definitely not for young children, those who are unable to walk a minimum of 10 km each day or have problems with extreme heat or large crowds.

Q. When does the WYD experience begin?

Your formation and preparation for the pilgrimage begin the day you submit your initial deposit! There will be 6 formation sessions leading up to the pilgrimage as well as a retreat in August, one year before the pilgrimage, for which all pilgrims on the CUCP will gather, and a follow-up session after we return! Attendance at all sessions is mandatory. Pilgrims should also be involved in personal formation based on emails from the CUCP Planning Team.

Registration Packages

Q. Who is organizing the pilgrimage?

A National Planning Team has been assembled:

Sarah Buchko (Saskatoon)

Larissa Samborsky (Toronto)

Mykhailo Ozorovych (BC)

Millie Schietzsch (Edmonton)

Tamara Lisowski (Winnipeg)

This team has vast experience in young adult ministry, large event planning, and pilgrimages. Travel arrangements are being made through Captain Cook. What sort of accommodations can I expect?

When transporting a large group, the Planning Team has found that moving together and staying in one location makes sense.  It allows all pilgrims to experience WYD on the same level. We are together to process the experience through faith formation and provide common activities for a full sense of pilgrimage. From July 12-14, accommodations will be in Lviv.  From July 15-17 we will be sleeping under the stars in Zarvanytsia.  From July 18– 24, we will be hosted by the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Przemysyl. We will be staying in a hotel in Krakow from July 25-31st. These details will be coming soon!

Q. Do I need a passport?

Yes. You must have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after your departure from your last gateway city.  If you don’t have one, please obtain one well in advance!

You can find information on how to apply for a Canadian passport, check processing times for passport applications, find service locations, learn about new requirements, and see what to do if your passport is lost, stolen or damaged at: Canadian Passport Information

Q. When do I have to pay, how late can I make changes, how do I register?

First deposit of $550 due on December 1, 2015. Please send the payment to:

Sarah Buchko (Saskatoon):
Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saskatoon
214 Avenue M South, Saskatoon SK, Canada S7M 2K4                                                                             Office: 306-244-7720                                                                                                                                             Email: uwitness2youth@gmail.com

Millie Schietzsch (Edmonton):
Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton                                                                                                       9645 -108 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5H 1A3                                                                         Office: 780-426-4176                                                                                                                                     Email: youth@edmontoneparchy.com

Larissa Samborsky (Toronto):                                                                                                      Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Toronto                                                                                                           2 Brockmount Court, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M9B 5Z9                                                                       Phone – 416 – 721- 234                                                                                                                                   Email – ontariocucp@gmail.com

Mykhailo Ozorovych (BC): Please mail BC registration forms to Millie Schietzsch in Edmonton

Tamara Lisowski (Winnipeg): Please mail MB registration forms to Millie Schietzsch in Edmonton


MB/SK/AB/BC Tentative Installments

Dec.1st -$550

Feb 1st -$1650

April 1-15th $2000

Ontario Tentative Installments

Dec.1st– $550

Dec.31st– $850

Feb 1st– $800

April 1-15th -$2000

(Please send payment to your representative)

An initial deposit has already been paid by all the pilgrims attending. You can imagine how many people are trying to secure space for WYD2016!

Contact information:

If you have any questions, please contact us here and the appropriate individual from the team will contact you as soon as possible.