Remember, this is TENTATIVE and subject to change

From:  Captain Cook Travel as of 03 July 2016 – revised

Map of all places 2016 updated with dates

PDF version: WYD – FINAL ITIN 06 JULY 2016

12 July 2016 

Tuesday: Depart Canada [from any gateway** note they may depart any city including USA] [note for those wanting to use points for their flights – recommend they book ASAP]

13 July 2016  

Wednesday  Arrive Lviv – airport transfer to the Hotel Lviv

DINNER @ Kryivka-underground UPA bar

14 July 2016   

Thursday: after breakfast, Unesco World Heritage tour  tour 10:00 AM [with Guide Diana]  5pm @ Visit with the Sisters and touring High Castle Hill (Vysokiyzamok) with the them. Preparing and eating supper with the Sisters.

15 July 2016

Friday: after breakfast, Sightseeing  – Free day

16 July 2016 

Saturday:  after breakfast, transfer to Zarvanytsia until 1 am full day program at the Pilgrimage. [lunch @ Zazdrist, hometown of Patriarch Josepg Slipyj] depart for Ivano Frankivsk – Nadia Hotel  dinner on your own in the Plaza

Zazdrist to Zarvanytsya

17 July 2016

Sunday: after breakfast, “Divine Liturgy” – day of rest                                                            BBQ provided by Mykhailo with sponsored Ukrainian Pilgrims from Ukraine

18 July 2016

Monday: after breakfast, Day tour to Yaremche – Bukavel – Lunch in the mountains– [lunch TBA –Mykhailo]

[Group of 14 arrives to Warsaw – overnight @ Gromada Airport Hotel]                                               [Tour Company to deliver ALL train tickets and vouchers for sightseeing]

Ivano-Frankivsk to Przemyśl

19 July 2016

Tuesday after breakfast  – group arrives from Warsaw – [departing Warsaw @ 1:35PM arriving Przemysl @ 8:56 PM – Train # TLK 83106 – 14 tickets delivered to your hotel]                                                                                                                                                                  After breakfast – group departs Ivano Frankivsk approx. 8:00 AM                                                  2 ½ hours to Lviv – stop/break – Border 1 – 2 hours – arrive Przemysl                             [approx. 6 hours total] between 3 – 4 PM [time change in Poland – 1 hour back]            Need a stop – coffee/lunch [TBA Mykhailo]                                                                                     [depart @ 9:00 AM] – check with the Driver Bohdan

*coffee breaks on the road*

**(Meet with Chaldean Church from Saskatoon)

“everyone meets” Day in the Diocese                                                                                                      [your accommodations for July 19 and 20th in Przemysyl will be at 2 monasteries, SSMI Monastery and Basilian Sisters]

20 July 2016

Wednesday: after breakfast -Day  in the Diocese/Eparchy (joining the Roman Catholics in Przemysyl) Host provided by Father Greg Bohdan @ Academia Hotel

21 July 2016 

Thursday: after breakfast-  tour to Watowice – The Birthplace of Pope John Paul II  [Entrance to Museum is @ 10:30 AM]            [MUST LEAVE APPROX 5:45 AM – takes approx. 4 hours] * 10 minute break [note vouchers will be given to the group arriving in Warsaw with train tickets]

Lunch on our own – Father Greg suggested a Bakery in town

Tour of Auschwitz/Birkenau  MUST be there by 3:00 PM [ voucher provided by Millie][from Wadowice to Auschwitz it takes approx. ½ hour – delay 1 – 1 ½ hours – due to many buses – traffic etc] Depart for Hotel Junior, Skotnicka, Krakow for overnight [66 km from Auschwitz]

22 July 2016  

Friday: after breakfast-  Tour of the Salt Mines at Wieliczka 1:30PM [30 min drive] [see map] [Millie has tickets] Day in the Diocese [your accommodations for 2 nights are in the Mountains near the town of Gorlice near Slovakia border S.E. corner]

Krakow to Wieliczka Salt Mine

23 July 2016  

Saturday: after breakfast- “Lemko Vatra Festival”

Day in the Diocese/Eparchy

24 July 2016 

Sunday: after breakfast- Sunday Divine Liturgy – to be advised – [Millie & Father Greg]  Depart for Hotel Junior 2 [approximately 2 hours from Gorlice] Mykhailo and Sarah pick up WYD PACKAGES for group before going to the hotel.

Depart for the The Divine Mercy Convent and Kalwaria Zebrzydowska

krakow to The Divine Mercy Convent

** Keep the bus all the days until Krakow – this way they can go on tours/other Villages etc

25 July 2016  

Monday: after breakfast depart 10:00 AM for Krakow – Arrive @ the Perla Hotel approx. 2:00 PM [dinner time around 6pm] Dinner on own in Krakow- WYD package information

Welcome dinner – WYD package informationPrzemyśl to krakow

26 July 2016

Tuesday: after breakfast- Opening Mass with Cardinal Arch Bishop of Krakow [WYD meals] 1:00 pm Gathering of Canadian Pilgrims [Organized by Father Tom Rosica]

27 July 2016

Wednesday after breakfast [WYD schedule]

AM            Catechesis of the Bishops, Catechesis on the way

Midday             Vocations Centre Youth Festival

Evening             Youth Festival

28 July 2016 

Thursday: after breakfast {WYD schedule]

AM             Catechesis of the Bishops, Catechesis on the way

Midday             Vocations Centre Youth Festival

Evening             Papal Welcome

29 July  2016 

Friday: after breakfast [WYD schedule]

AM             Catechesis of the Bishops

Midday             Vocations Centre Youth Festival

Evening             Stations of the Cross

30 July 2016  

Saturday: after breakfast {WYD schedule]

AM                   Walking pilgrimage to the Vigil Site

Evening             Vigil with the Pope

31 July 2016

Sunday: after breakfast {WYD schedule]

AM                   closing ceremonies

Morning prayers are led by participating Bishops

Holy Mass by the Pope

The next Host Diocese is announced by the Pope after Mass

[after ceremonies a Volunteers Meeting with the Holy Father]

01 Aug 2016

Monday: after breakfast- Day of Rest and Retreat [26 Transfer to The Chopin Hotel Aug 1 & 2]        [6 by train to Gromada Airport Hotel] [8 depart on their own]

02 Aug 2016    

Tuesday: after breakfast.  Day 2 of Rest and Retreat Depart for Warsaw [18 persons by train staying @ Gromada Airport Hotel] [8 persons left @ Chopin Hotel] [dinner will be arranged either at the hotel or near by]

03 Aug 2016 

Wednesday: after breakfast. 4 persons will depart by train to Warsaw – no accommodations, 4 persons will depart on their own

warsaw to Krakow

Depart for your scheduled flights home and/or your next destination

Map of all places 2016 updated with dates

The official WYD Krakow 2016 Schedule can be found at: WYD KRAKOW 2016 SCHEDULE – EN

WYD Schedule 2016


Lviv                                                                                             KRAKOW

Hotel Lviv                                                                                   Hotel Perla

Viacheslava Chornovola Ave 7                                          Ul. Zakopianska 180 B

Phone: 380 322 423 270                                                       30-435 Krakow

Ivano Frankivsk                                                                  KRAKOW

Hotel Nadia                                                                              Vienna House Easy Chopin Cracow

Nezalezhnosti St 40                                                              Przy Rondzie 2

Phone: 380 342 727 077 31-547 Krakow

Krakow                                                                                  Warsaw

21 July [1 night]                                                                    Hotel Gromada Airport Warsaw

Hotel Junior                                                                            17 Stycznia 32

Ul Skotnicka 272                                                                   [800 meters from the airport]


24 July [1 night]

Hotel Junior 2

Ul. Zawila 59 b