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What about the CUCP Pilgrimage Krakow?

General Overview:

More detailed information will follow in the coming months. The pilgrimage begins with travel to Lviv, Ukraine on July 12, 2016, where we will meet altogether with the Ukrainian Catholic Pilgrims from Canada. We will stay in Lviv until July 14th.

From July 15 – 17th, the group will travel to Zaravanytsia, hosted by the Ukrainian Catholic community there. On July 17th, the group will drive to Przemysyl for the Days of the Eparchy. We may decide to tour before or after. Days of the Eparchy will end on the 24th.

From July 25th-31st will be the opening ceremonies on for the World Youth Day week in Krakow. this will include catechesis each morning for three days and a number of different events hosted by the diocese. The afternoons are a time for checking out the city, rest, or heading to one of the many events planned for WYD. On Wednesday of that week, the Pope will arrive in.

Krakow will host other special ceremonies. We will be staying in a hotel in Krakow for the duration of the World Youth Day week. We will spend a day together reflecting on their experience and what it will mean for them when they return home to share their experiences. We hope to return August 3rd.

For a more detailed Itinerary, please email here.


The total cost for this pilgrimage will be between $3800 – $4400 per person. This includes all travel, accommodations, registrations and most meals.


WYD programming and events have been created for young adults (18 plus) to meet their unique developmental and spiritual needs. The pilgrimage is demanding physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Ukraine is considered a high risk country for travel. However Lviv is unaffected by the conflict going on in Ukraine. For liability reason, the Canadian Bishops, acting on the advice of Youth Ministry Directors and the Canadian World Youth Day representative, have decided that all participants must be 18 at the time of departure. Fortunately, WYD happens every 2 or 3 years, so those who don’t meet the age requirement can come to the next one! The CUCP is a demanding pilgrimage. Those who are unable to walk a minimum of 10 km each day or have problems with extreme heat or large crowds may have difficulties on this pilgrimage.

For more information, please click here for the information brochure.

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